Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Excitement building for WA State GOP Convention

The Bellingham Ron Paul meetup group is busy preparing to send the Whatcom county Ron Paul supporters to this weekends Washington State GOP convention in Spokane. They just linked to a good article from the Spokane Review which estimates that as much as 40% of the convention attendees may be Paul supporters.

I'm about equally excited to see how the national delegate selection turns out as I am to see how much impact they can have on our GOP State platform. Hopefully they have as much success at a state level as they did on a county level in Spokane.

A couple of Ron Paul supporters have formed the "Bellingham Ron Paul Media Team" and intend to:
Our aim is to broadcast the highlights of the Spokane Convention to you via YouTube and Nolan Chart LLC. We will have video interviews and other reports available to you and the world for free.

The Media team is requesting the following equipment:
Today an anonymous lender placed a Canon video camera and mike with cables into our hands. We now need to concentrate on finding a laptop (Best a MAC but not necessary!) that will accept this camera's feed. The laptop needs to have WIFI and software that can deal with video inputs.

If you have media equipment that you could donate for five days as they travel to Spokane or want to meet the media team and give them support. They will be meeting at the Bellingham Library tonight (Tuesday, May 27th) at 6pm to test out the equipment.

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