Friday, June 6, 2008

The Great PCO Race of '08

Candidate filing ended today and there's plenty of good news to report. First off, I'm running unopposed for my Republican PCO position, hurray! Secondly, the number of PCO filings for both the Democrats and Republicans is much higher than the current number of elected PCOs.

If you compare the number of elected Democratic PCOs from their website to the number of Democratic PCOs on the ballot in August the number has almost doubled from 34 to 61. The Republicans don't have their PCOs listed online, but I seem to remember being told that they had slightly fewer elected PCOs. This makes the fact that this time around candidates have filed for 82 Republican PCO positions even more impressive.

Even more exciting for the Republicans is that several of those PCO positions have 2 and in some cases 3 qualified candidates. I'm guessing Sam Crawford and Ward Nelson didn't think they would have to campaign again so soon, but both their PCO positions will be contested. 22 of the Republican PCO positions have 2 candidate filings and 5 of the Republican PCO races have 3 candidates!

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