Monday, June 2, 2008

Ron Paul Media Team

The Whatcom County Ron Paul media team came through as promised. I attached their videos below. It's unfortunate that Fred wasn't able to record any footage inside the actual convention but his media credentials were rejected by the state GOP. He talks about that in this article. Fred considering this was your first time making/publishing videos and articles, you did a great job.

Eric Earling over at Sound Politics mentioned in a short post the results of the state convention, but much more can be learned from reading the comments.

Battle at Spokane

Battle at Spokane II

Battle at Spokane III


Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

Even though I support McCain,
I sure did enjoy the enthusiasm that the delegates who support Paul exibited throughout the entire covention and I even had a few (OK, a lot) beers with several of the folks from his campaign afterwards.
I hope that many of you follow through with your "threats" to run for PCO positions. All of the folks who are new to the party are the infusion that many of us, who are complacent, need.
I look forward to the evolution of the BIG TENT GOP!
ps, thanks for lining me, may I do the same?

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

did I write Lining? I meant linking...

Bellinghammer said...

If you check out the online list of candidate filings, I think its safe to assume a large group of us have done so. The PCO filing race currently stands at 53 REP PCO spots filled compared to 48 DEM PCOs. That does not include the fact that several of the REP PCO races are contested - including Sam Crawford's and Ward Nelson's, I bet they didn't consider having to run another campaign so soon. In one PCO race there are actually 3 people running!

I assumed that with the heavy voter turnout in the Dem's caucuses that more people would have filed for PCO spots. I think this shows that Obama's star quality is able to turn out the vote, but is fleeting. Paul on the other hand has actually infused new people into the process, and the prospect for change is more likely to come from the grassroots level upward rather than some politician spouting about it from up high pushing it down on to the people.

Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

In the year 2028...
"Boy those old Ron Paul Republicans are sure stodgy and set in their ways."

Some things never change,
they stay the way they are...