Saturday, August 23, 2008

Biden the internationalist

The very first article I read after learning Obama picked Biden for VP and I come across this gut punch of a statement.

An internationalist and strong supporter of the United Nations, he is a leading critic of what he sees as the vague, unilateralist approach of President Bush.

This is just great, I thought Obama, Mr. Citizen of the World, was the internationalist. This does not boad well for the isolationists non-interventionists out there.

People need to understand that both internationalists like Obama and Biden as well as unilateralist like Bush and McCain will continue involving our nations in foreign occupations and interventions. These are neither helpful for the occupied country (in the long run) nor something that our broke and indebted nation can continue to afford to take part in.

Our military was meant for one thing and that was to be the collective defense of the States.

Peace, commerce and honest friendship with all nations; entangling alliances with none. -- Thomas Jefferson

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Poindexter P. Parkenfarker said...

You know, the conversation you started over at my blog was similar to the one I was gonna instigate here.

I like some of Teddy's Ideas, however I'm not a fan of His progressive Bull Moose Party.
I think we agree there?

But I suspect that violating the Prime Directive is a hot spot for Non -interventionists.
It is an Ideal that I would like to follow, but at times find it impractical.
I think that Manifest Destiny and the Roosevelt corollary, especially when it pertains to North and South America is something that we failed at, because we didn't agressively pursue it as we should have.

It gave the Soviets a foothold, and now China has more influence in Central and South America than we do.
Strategically, and especially with the development in ability to wage Naval War by China's new sea Dragons has us in a real predicament that either Obama, McCain or if Paul had been our boy, will have to contend with.
It is a threat too close to home.

Thanks for stopping by, and do so more often! I like yer thinkin'