Saturday, August 30, 2008

Palin more experienced than McCain, Obama and Biden

When it comes down to it Sarah Palin is the most experienced candidate running for President or Vice President.

If you look at Biden's and McCain's past experience it is completely rooted in the legislative branch of government. Never did they serve in an executive manner. The same holds true for Obama. Before becoming a US Senator he served in the Illinois legislature. Before Sarah Palin became Governor in 2006 she had served as mayor of a small town since 1996. That's over ten years executive experience.

Some will try to argue that she was mayor of a small town, and even now is governor of a state of fewer than 1 million people. Well, when Clinton was elected in 1992 he was governor of Arkansas which is presently just under 3 million people and he seemed to do alright.

Before coming in to office, every President since Kennedy has had SOME executive experience.

Bush Jr - Governor of Texas
Clinton - Governor of Arkansas
Bush Sr - Vice President for Reagen
Reagen - Governor of California
Carter - Governor of Georgia
Ford - Vice President for Nixon
Nixon - Vice President for Eisenhower
Johnson - Vice President for Kennedy

Not since the 1960 Kennedy/Johnson ticket has America chosen to elect two legislators to the oval office with no combined executive experience.

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