Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Whats wrong with our public education system

As I was dutifully reading through the voter guide making my selections for various public offices I had to sit up and take note of a specific candidate for Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate statement. First it made me laugh, but then after thinking about it for a moment I wanted to cry.

Candidate Statement

Viva Chavez! No, I haven’t lost my mind - just my profession (teaching) and students.* Disgusted by voter apathy, I’m trying to tap into the energy generated by Venezuela’s president. Hugo Chavez has some good ideas, too - like holding corrupt corporations accountable and nationalizing strategic industries. In fact, public education’s biggest problem is corporate corruption, the de facto privatization of our schools. Yet the media have once again turned this race into a forum on the WASL - which I’ve fought for over a decade. So why do the media ignore and even lie about me? This race has also been dominated by corrupt teachers unions, another scourge I’ve been attacking for over a decade. This isn’t a tea party, folks. We’re at war with our own government, with Corporate America, and we’re getting our butts kicked, liberals, conservatives and independents alike. Well, I’m not afraid to fight. I’m even attacking Bill Gates, right in his home town. I don’t respect software terrorists who exploit children.

The thing that made me cry was the fact that this guy had taught students in Seattle for 16 years. I wonder if his personal political sentiments were reflected in his teaching? If he wants to emulate Hugo Chavez then I'm sure it was.

Back in March Clark Howard went on a rant about California's decision to criminalize home schooling. In my book California decided to make a "Hugo Chavez" inspired decision. I strongly encourage everyone to download and listen to Clark's ideas for education in this country. The podcast is available free, and it's 11 minutes EXTREMELY well spent. He starts talking on the subject at 50 seconds in to the podcast. I'm trying to decide on a public Superintendent that would model Clark Howard's ideas rather than Hugo Chavez. So far I'm leaning towards John Patterson Blair. He has some interesting ideas on how we could do education differently in this state. He probably wouldn't be successful in implementing his plan, but having someone with his ideas as superintendent would be helpful I believe.

You can see this information for yourself in your WA state voter guide or by going to the online version and then drilling in the left hand tree view under State Executive, Washington State, Superintendent of Public Instruction.


Anonymous said...

What's wrong with our public (government) education system is that it exists in the first place. It should be named the "Statist Loyalty Center" in that it promotes a socialist, statist mindset that is contrary to the principles of liberty that gained our independence and founded the Republic.

Bellinghammer said...

I definitely agree with your assessment that it promotes a socialist, statist mindset, but we need to offer an alternative other than abolish it. I think that alternative is more local parental control. Currently much of the curriculum is handed down from the state or even federal level. Listen to the Clark Howard podcast I linked to and I think you'll like his solution/strategy.