Friday, November 7, 2008

More about the GOP Liberty Alliance

Washington State's GOP Liberty Alliance (GOPLA) is rapidly organizing in Washington State. They already have a board of directors which includes our local Dr. Robert Neff as 1st Vice President.

On Saturday, November 8th there will be an event called the "Council at Yakima". More information about the event can be found here, but here is a short description of the happenings:

We are coming together to discuss the nuts and bolts of how the freedom message can have political impact here - from the state level, down to the precinct level. We are gathering at this all-day Council to:

* discuss immediate Washington State political action items
* plan short and long term local goals
* compare strategies from different counties around the state

Also speaking at the event will be Washington Supreme Court Justice Sanders.

Unfortunately, I had to leave the Campaign For Liberty meeting early as it was running long and I promised my wife I'd be home by 9:30pm. I didn't get to hear Dr. Neff's presentation about the group.

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