Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Civilian Defense Farce

I ask my Democratic friends to try the following thought experiment. What would your reaction be if Dick Cheney came out and declared that the Bush administration was going to institute a minimum of a three month draft of all 18-25 year old's for required training in a government run camp. In this camp they will "Learn what it means to be an American", and the name of this program will be Universal Civilian Defense Training.

If ANYTHING like this were to be proposed by the Bush administration it would be called fascist, the indoctrination of our youth, and a great blow to our civil liberties from the media, ACLU and elsewhere. I'm sure the Daily Show and The Colbert Report would run some satire about it comparing it to Nazi Germany, Stalinist Russia and Fascist Italy.

Well my friends, Obama hinted at this exact program when he was running for President when he referenced his plan for the "Civilian Defence Corps". Before elected though, he provided scant details as to what this would entail. Now that the election is over and especially after he announced his choice of Rahm "Never let a crisis go to Waste" Emanuel for Chief of Staff we are seeing a LOT more details about this program.

I HOPE with all my heart that my democratic friends can see through their rosy view of their beloved leader and stand up and oppose this as they would if Bush or McCain had proposed it.

Rahm Emanuel said in the video embedded in this article that this program will "give people a sense of what it means to be an American". Well I certainly hope that a mandatory, compulsory government service program isn't needed for that, because last time I checked one of the things I valued of being an American is our civil liberties, including the individual liberty valued by our founders and built in to the foundational laws of our land. Compulsory service in a government run training camp runs against every thing I believe America stands for.

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I wish I could reference some additional "mainstream" media sources but none seem to deem it a worthwhile topic to report on.

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Wally said...

I'm not sure if I'd consider this a farce. I think he is really serious and it's seemed rather scary from the first time I heard about it. A president might need a small army of secret service for personal protection, but their own national army seems like a recipe for military revolution.

I would ask why it is needed, what will they do, and who will pay for it. If there is a real need, then working within the military system we already have would seem the most efficient way to go.

I haven't decided if this is more like a bad sci-fi movie or more like a blooper show from the worst times in world history.