Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Haiti Earthquate and devastation

A major earthquake occurred near the Haitian capital of Port of Prince at 4:53pm local time on Tuesday. Given the conditions in Haiti an earthquake of this magnitude so close to the capital city of a million plus people will prove to be completely devastating.

There are a great deal of local connections between Bellingham, WA and Haiti. Cornwall Church, where I am a regular attender, has sponsored an orphanage of roughly 30 kids for the past several years. Besides just caring for the orphans they also ensure that many more children and families in the community receive at least one steady meal a day and have an opportunity for schooling. A medical mission team connected with Cornwall was planning on travelling to Haiti this Friday.

There will be many opportunities for local people to help Haitians in the coming days. Whether it be the Red Cross or other relief organizations, please consider helping the neediest Country in our hemisphere recover from this devastating event.

Here is one such article covering the devastion if you are not already aware of it. There are also several videos on youtube, but I must caution you that viewing them can be very unsettling. Maybe that's a good thing.

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