Sunday, February 7, 2010

Republicans, its time to caucus!

Saturday, February 13th at 10am Republicans around the state will be gathering to discuss:

  • How we can build and strengthen the Republican Party.

  • Help write a Platform and elect delegates that best represent our issues.

  • Get active and help bring genuine change to Whatcom County.

  • Learn more about candidates who are running for office.

The precinct level caucus is the first step in a series of elections and conventions that result in our county and state platforms being adopted. It also provides for a great opportunity to network with others in our community.

Whatcom County Chair Luanne Van Werven described the process this way:

At the precinct caucuses, delegates are elected to county conventions. From there, each county elects delegates to our state convention, where the state party’s platform is drafted for 2010. This year, the State Convention will be held in Vancouver, WA June 10-12, with two special guest speakers: former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney will be the keynote speaker and conservative blogger Michelle Malkin will be the banquet speaker. The state convention agenda will be forthcoming and posted online at:

Check the Whatcom Republican website for details about your particular Caucus Location.

Note: The Democrats aren't holding caucuses. Instead they meet in off years for "caucus like" strategy sessions. From what I can tell, the only difference between the strategy sessions and actual caucuses are that delegates are not selected to represent the individual precincts at the county level.

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