Friday, March 19, 2010

President Obama Special Interview by Fox News, Really

The Obama White House recently permitted the first exclusive interview to Fox news. The interviewer was Bret Baier. I'm not a Fox News loyalist, but this interview was by far one of the most informative ones I've seen since Obama has taken office. This was due in large part to the reporter being willing to ask hard questions, keep the President on track in his answers, and politely step in when the President attempts to filibuster with wordy but non-informative campaign speak.

Peggy Noonan with the Wall Street Journal provides an excellent recap of the interview and what new information we can glean from it.

Also, you can see the two part interview for yourself here: part 1 and part 2. Check it out now before Rupert Murdoch puts it behind some pay wall.

Does anyone know what the heck the President was talking about when made the case that the "Louisiana deal" in the health care bill will help events like the "earthquake in Hawaii"?

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elleninbellingham said...

If you do not know the connection between US government assistance (what you call the "Louisiana Purchase") and major earthquakes in Hawaii, you probably agreed with Bobby Jindal when he laughed at the government spending money on"volcano monitoring" BTW, how close do you live to Baker?