Monday, April 5, 2010

Cornwall's Easter Service Surprise

Another great Easter service at Cornwall Church this year. A couple of years ago Cornwall stepped out on a limb and announced that it was donating the entire Easter service collection to a number of local and global charities. In spite of the economic downturn, and in great faith, Cornwall Church again chose to give it all away for a good cause.

All the money given on Easter weekend and through April 8 will be used to rebuild an orphanage in Haiti...a home for 39 children.

The original orphanage, located in the Terre Noire Valley, 8 miles east of St. Marc, was significantly damaged by the Jan. 12th earthquake and has since been torn down. The 39 orphans ranging in age from 4-18 years are currently living in tents and small classrooms. Although they have more physical land on their compound than those living in tent cities around Port-au-Prince, they are none-the-less living as earthquake refugees with no place to call home.

Cornwall Church intentionally chose to give all of its Easter offering away because Easter is one of the highest attended services of the year. Simply put: more people means more money for the cause (not the church). You may say, "So what? This is not a first; other churches have done this kind of thing before." The big deal is that Cornwall Church represents many hearts in Whatcom County. Hearts of compassion and generosity. Hearts that believe that individually and corporately we can effect positive change. Three months after the 7.0 earthquake, the need is still great. The need for these 39 orphan children is a place to take refuge from the harsh climate, a place to call home. As a sponsor of one of those orphans this is very exciting news indeed.

If you would like to share your heart of compassion and generosity by helping to rebuild a home for these Haitian orphans, donations must be received by Cornwall Church no later than April 8, 2010. Checks can be made payable to Cornwall Church, and in the notes field write “Easter Donation.”

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