Friday, May 23, 2008

Exciting times for the Libertarians

This weekend is the Libertarian convention in Denver. I love the way the Libertarians handle their presidential preference. Instead of holding state primaries for several months and then naming a "presumptive" nominee way before their actual convention, the Libertarians have one big knock down debate at the convention, hold several rounds of voting and then see whose left standing. Not only that, but the convention nominates both the Presidential and vice presidential candidates. That's also an interesting change from letting the Presidential candidate choose their own VP candidate.

Almost all the candidates running for Libertarian presidential nominee say very favorable things about Ron Paul and share many of his view points. Bob Barr seems to go the furthest in trying to connect himself to Ron Paul's ideals and stances, but he faces some challenges from Libertarian regulars. Mary Ruwart also pays much homage to Ron Paul and mentions how many of his supporters have endorsed her.

I'm hoping the Libertarian convention gets some press coverage and TV coverage would be even more exciting. I've heard rumors that CSPAN will be covering parts of the convention so hopefully I can find the times on my Tivo.

I'll finish this post with a powerful graphic that makes me really question whether I should be supporting the Libertarian party rather than fighting for change within the Republican party.

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