Tuesday, May 13, 2008

How McCain could reach out to dissolutioned Republicans

An open letter to John McCain offering how he might be able court conservatives without alienating other groups:

Dr. Mr McCain,

I want to offer you some campaign strategy that could help you woo additional conservative supporters, maybe even some of the Ron Paul supporters, without having to change your "maverick" stances. If you think it's not important to reach out to these people, Ron Paul supporters specifically, then I think you should take a look at two Presidential candidates likely being offered by the Libertarian and Constitution parties. These candidates (Bob Barr and Chuck Baldwin) will have little impact on the democratic nominee, whoever that might be, but could siphon many possible voters from your block. Also do you notice any similarity with their campaign websites and one of your previous competitors?

I understand your concern about Global Warming and Climate Change. One way you could position yourself on this issue is to first call for a Constitutional Amendment that specifically grants the federal government authority to address climate/environmental issues that extend beyond the boundaries of any single state. You wouldn't need to change your stances or ideas in any way but it would speak volumes to those who don't currently agree with you on the issue. Even they (myself included) would be in favor of addressing the problem Constitutionally even if we didn't support the proposed amendment. It would also demonstrate a clear alternative to what the democrats are offering and make them explain why their "solutions" would not require a Constitutional amendment in order to be enacted.

Concerning "The War on Terror". This is one of the biggest sticking points between you and many of those who are not currently supporting you. One way you could bring on more supporters is if you were to call for congress to make official the "War on Terror". Currently it is operating under a few resolutions granting the President authority to take action in certain limited ways. If you were to call for an official declaration of War on terrorist groups and hence legitimize the "War On Terror" as mandated by Article 1 Section 8 then it would again demonstrate that you are committed to following the Constitution to promote your agenda.

Another big issue this campaign season is health care. One thing you could do is publicly question how Obama's and Clinton's plan is Constitutionally sound. Where does the executive or even the congress get the authority necessary to implement their solutions without a Constitutional amendment? Reference the 10th Amendment for some arguments against the legality of their plans.

These are some ways that you could promote your agenda which at times may be at odds with some of your supporters without alienating those who disagree with you. Include some statements how the oath you took to preserve and protect the Constitution when you joined the Navy and every time you are sworn in as a Senator is important to you in your stump speeches and town hall meetings. Taking this approach would position you nicely to question how some of the "change" initiatives being promoted by the Democratic party can be legally performed without a Constitutional amendment. Making the democratic nominee explain how they are not breaking the law in the way they are addressing problems would paint you in an extremely good light.

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Jay S. said...

Terrific letter, Bellinghammer. My 'response' and comments here: http://www.thewariscoming.com/twic/?p=5